Urban Planning & Design

A diverse urban space has an elaborate social fabric that brings together people and practices of different cultures and connects their daily lives together. Ambiaance’s Urban designs are not just township made of its structures but facilitates how an individual connects with and benefit from the society around him.

But most importantly, we love to create a space for those unique, unplanned and spontaneous moments of life, that lies between the routines!

It is here that the ‘Daily Urban’ concept, conceptualised by Ambiaance Design, has a significant bearing. The ‘Daily Urban’ concept focus on the cyclical nature of our daily lives and how best it can be spent by each individual and community according to the time and place of their choice.

What sets us apart;

A unique approach to designing by reimagining the urban life

An unyielding focus to achieve better internal mobility & connected living

Unparalleled expertise in liasoning between various stakeholders

Design elements that incorporates scope for sustainable future development