More than 50% of Mumbai resides in slums, and a majority of them live in unhealthy living conditions. Every Slum Rehabilitation intervention is as much a social intervention as it is an economic one, to address the challenge of spatial inequality.

Hence, when we bring an SRA Project under our Architectural lens, it is not just a Design project for us but a Human and Social project. No design is complete if it doesn’t address the essential human element.  

Design aspects keep in mind the fact that the inhabitants possess the right to a designed place in the city where they can live, thrive and prosper. We are absolutely mindful that an SRA should not end up creating vertical slums instead of horizontal slums.

In one phrase, our Philosophy while working on an SRA project is its occupant’s ‘transformed right to city life’, thereby giving both the city and its various occupants a better quality of life.

What makes us stand out

Project integration of community lifestyles, practices, and culture

Planning and designing elements incorporating best practices of Community living

Careful integration of rehabilitated and free components of the project

Inclusive rather than exclusive Design Philosophy as social and cultural designers