Redevelopment is one area where we truly believe that Prevention is better than cure. The impact of a Redevelopment project gone wrong can be very catastrophic for occupants.

Redevelopment for us is regeneration which sustains and inspires. It is not a compromise between various stakeholder demands, but a unique opportunity to add immense value to space and time that in turn meet the demands of its inhabitants.

Decades of dealing with the complexities of Society Redevelopment helps us don different hats and offer our expertise to different stakeholders in the Redevelopment Value Chain.

PMC for Housing Societies

Past failures and delays in a Redevelopment project have made many societies circumspect of the whole process, which hamper their rightful journey to a better future.

We believe that each stage of the Redevelopment process is extremely critical to its successful completion, and a step gone wrong can have significant & cascading impact. Through diligent execution of our role as a Project Management Consultant, Ambiaance Design has managed to win the trust of owner stakeholders.


What sets us apart;

Empathic understanding of the owner’s needs and aspirations

Clear walk-through of Project Cost, impact & other critical aspects through Feasibility Report

Integrating the project objectives and constraints to the Architectural Design

Impartial and transparent selection of the developer

Tactful handling of requests for changes and other challenges

Critical evaluation of construction through stages for compliance

PMC for the Developers

Developers have found great merit in using Ambiaance as their Project Management Consultant, owing to our years of Construction Management experience.

We offer innovative solutions to the design and execution challenges that come up through project lifecycle. Our Design solutions and resourcefulness help the developers immensely in an extremely challenging sector such as Redevelopment.

The diverse team of consultants that we deploy help the developers deal with various aspects of project delivery, compliance with regulations, meeting of timelines, and continued financial viability of the project.

What sets us apart;

Unmatched expertise on the end to end value chain of Redevelopment

Unique construction management experience

Top of the line Advisory services capability with in-house Consultants

Help the developers manage society expectations seamlessly