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Leadership Profile

Makarand Toraskar, (B.Arch., A.I.I.A, M.C.A.)
Architect & Designer

Makarand Toraskar has been a practicing Architect for the last 20 years. With the founding of Ambiaance Design in 1998 (then as Makarand Toraskar & Associates), he started the wonderful journey as a Professional Architect & Designer. Today he leads an accomplished team of Architects, Engineers, Designers and support staff and oversees a diverse project portfolio.   

Makarand represents a new generation of urban designers who stands out with their innovative and unique approach to the art and science of Architectural Designs. His Designs are his unique signature. He loves the challenge of constraints and believes that the constraints of space, time, resources can bring out the best in him as an Architect.

Makarand is deeply inspired by the concept of oneness of Design with nature and this belief reflects in his Design elements. He has clear thought leadership in the areas of energy and ecological conservations in designs and his projects actively minimizes the negative environmental impacts.

His visionary leadership helps the Design team at Ambiaance Design to conceptualise projects that are energy efficient and delivers positive ecological impact. Many of Ambiaance Design projects have gone on to win coveted awards for their green compliant Design.

He has a special liking to initiatives in the areas of Redevelopment, Regeneration, Urban Planning and Affordable Housing, due to their high social impact.

Team Profile

Omkar Damle (B.Arch.,M.Arch.)

Omkar is a practicing Architect with 8 years of post-qualification experience behind him.  After Graduating from Sir J.J. College of Architecture, Omkar went on to complete his Masters from Late Baliram Hiray College of Architecture with a specialization in Urban Design, a field he is very passionate about.

Omakar has been associated with Ambiaance Design since 2016. He specializes in the complex sector of Redevelopment as a Project Management Consultant and help design and manage some of Ambiaance’s most prestigious projects. Easily accessible to his team and clients, Omkar brings a lot of passion and dedication to his role. He is also a keen learner and observer of the latest developments in the field of Architecture.

He also engages himself by teaching the students of Architecture, as Associate Professor at B.R. Harne college of Architecture, Vangani. Omkar holds additional credentials in the domains of Business Law and Valuation of Immovable Properties.




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