Interior Design

Man’s quest for better living has driven the art and science of Architecture & Design for from ancient times. For us at Ambiaance, every interior project has to deliver a sense of inner wellbeing to its occupant.

A Design inspired by nature, influenced by the surroundings, tradition & culture of its occupants and driven by their style, is our recipe for a perfect Interior Design Solution.  

Our unique touch then breathes life into the Design through custom-planned shapes and materials, complementing finishes & colours of walls and structures and with functional lighting solutions.

We believe in a deep ‘Design Dialogue’ with our clients, to be in complete sync with their expectations well before the project hits the floor and we remain agile to adapt to changes, if and when they come along.

What sets us apart;

Innovative approaches to customise the project to the client’s specific needs

‘Design Dialogues’ that ensures capture and integration of client vision

Strong eye for detailing

Astute ownership of the Project from Discovery to Delivery

Focus on the budget and other constraints without compromising on quality