Economic sustainability of any city would be difficult unless we take care of the lower & middle-income groups by offering Affordable Housing options. As the nation is aiming ambitiously for “Housing for all” by 2022, we find ourselves in a sweet spot to play a significant role in the Affordable sector.

We go by the principle that the Planning and Design component of a new dwelling can influence 60-70% of its cost. Equally important is how we are able to seamlessly move through various stages of execution in such a way that the project is completed in the shortest possible time. Project duration has a significant impact on the cost, sustainability and success of an Affordable Housing project.

It is also important to note that sustainability and affordability go hand in hand as sustainable practices contribute well to long-term affordability.

What sets us apart;

Focus on affordable materials, practices and construction

Watertight project management to ensure project completion on time

Thorough integration of sustainable construction practices

A team passionate about delivering socially impactful projects